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When it comes to blockbuster porn games, Tentacle Thrive is one of the world’s best and most appreciated hentai games of them all. From the very name you already know that you are in for a hentai treat. Everybody loves tentacle porn when it comes to hentai and there’s so much of it in this game. However, the action doesn’t focus on this kink alone. They used this name to attract your attention, but they will get your curiosity through the complex and massive gameplay that you’ll get to experience once you hit the start button. This is a SLG and if you don’t know what it means, let me inform you. A SLG is a Simulated Live Game, meaning that in this game you will start playing as your avatar and you will go on an adventure discovering new characters, interacting with them, creating strategies and finishing quests in order to complete your mission.

At the same time, the game is coming with real time battles in which you will face all monsters that are threatening the human kingdom. You will have to fight and fuck them in order to save the world. Finally, the game has a love simulator element, meaning that you will have interactive encounters with the monsters and your actions will seduce them. There are a couple of ways in which the game can end up different for every player. At the same time, Tentacle Thrive has a high replay value, also given by the fact that the developer still works on adding patches and expansions to it. Every new addition will also make it on our site where you can play this game for free. Learn more about it in the following paragraphs.

Join Lilith In Her Sacred Quest Of Saving The Human Kingdom

If you’re into monster porn games, Tentacle Thrive will be your number one choice from now on. That’s because the game is played from the perspective of the girl who has to have her holes filled by the scarry tentacles of crazy monsters. Most of the games in this category are going to make you play from the perspective of the monster and the girl characters are not too well built. But Lilith is a perfectly contoured character for a porn game. She is the classic superhero archetype, with big tits and a great ass. Her family was killed by the very monsters she has to fuck and fight. She was adopted by a wealthy family and now she is looking for revenge and her mission is to save her kingdom from another invasion.

The story starts in a classic way. Lilith goes into the woods and her life is changing when she discovers her first monster. However, instead of being scared, she gets horny. This sets the pace for her love-hate relationship with all the monsters she has to face in her quest. When se seduces a creature, she adds it to her army and that’s when the fun begins. You will have to put together an army and go to battle against other monsters who are trying to take over the world. You will have countless skills, powers and options to level up your army, and all of them are involving wild tentacle sex between Lilith and her beloved army of tentacled monsters. Without going into too much details, I just want to let you know that the gameplay value of this game is huge. The strategies and different paths you can take are endless. Coming up with the best way of protecting the kingdom is hard, but the process is so exciting.

Graphics And Locations In The Game

The game wouldn’t be such a hit if the developer wouldn’t have put so much effort and work into it. Although the game was developed in Flash, it looks so great thanks to the attention to details and the 2.5 isometric technique that makes everything seem so real. At the same time, the game is coming with lots of monsters, skills and items. There are over 150 species of monsters in the game, including both your friends and your enemies. However, Lilith is the only woman in the game. For some dudes this is such a shame, but for the gamers who are getting invested in the games they play, the fact that you can focus your entire attention on such a cute avatar is perfect. At the same time, the locations in which the story takes place are so well crafted. You will have so many places where you can roam and where you have to defeat your lands. You can also save the game in different locations. And you will need these saving points because there’s no way you will be able to finish the game in just one night. There’s so much gameplay in Tentacle Thrive.

Play Tentacle Thrive On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

I know that some of the guys reading this have already raged when I said that the game was built in Flash. That’s because they’re used with the fact that Flash games can’t be played on mobile devices most of the time and also, they know that Chrome and other browsers are no longer supporting it. But that’s why you need our site for playing this game. Most of the other sites are going to make you download the game. We’re the first platform where you can play the game online on any device that you might use. Play it on your computer, play it on your tablet or on your phone, no matter if they run on Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android. However, if you want to load up your progress, you will need to play the game on the same device on which you started it. All in all, we’re the best site where you can play Tentacle Thrive and we offer you the entire virtual hentai experience for free.

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